This comes after Madden NFL 20 undergone its record year

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Sales of"Madden NFL 21" Are Allergic to Continued Growth for Mut 21 coins Digital Arts

Millions of new players have joined Electronic Arts' (NASDAQ:EA) EA Player Network since the start of April. Gamers were highly engaged during the pandemic, which resulted in solid earnings for the business last quarter, but the lingering question on investors' heads has been long this phase of heightened player action could endure.

EA reported that earnings of their new Madden are up nearly 20% year over year in the first week after launch. The sport is also being played more with over 17 million games played in the new mode, '' The Yard. This comes after Madden NFL 20 undergone its record year for its franchise with the maximum engagement levels in its own history. Live providers include in-game spending on Madden and FIFA Ultimate Team.

This tendency also played out in FIFA 20, which brought seven million new players. As Chief Operating Officer Blake Jorgensen said during the July earnings forecast,"This is significant, in that men and women who've played the game recently are more likely to buy the new one"

That certainly seems to be the case with Madden. The growth in sales for the latest variant comes after CEO Andrew Wilson explained previously that the consumption of sports and entertainment is moving from linear to interactive. "We've seen both of these trends accelerate during the COVID-19 period," he explained. If earnings of Madden 21 are any sign, EA may wind up using a very strong fall season of gambling and continued growth in live services revenue.

Upcoming sports releases comprise FIFA 21 on Oct. 9 and NHL 21 on Oct. 16. "We've got more people than ever before playing and linking through FIFA, also if FIFA 21 starts on Oct. 9, the world's leading soccer experience will expand far more ways to play with friends," Wilson said during the previous call. After this season, EA will also have upgraded versions of FIFA 21 and Madden 21 accessible with the introduction of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X.

In light of this substantial outperformance on buy Madden 21 coins revenue and internet reservations last quarter, management increased its full-year advice for those metrics to $5.63 billion and $5.95 billion, respectively. For internet bookings, that would represent growth of 11% over financial 2020 (that finished in March).


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