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Notice: The reason I did not mention Manta Rays are since they are hard to capture and you can only catch them in a minigame Smithing. A cool but totally non-profitable skill. Smithing is basically when you turn bars into items. You'd be better off selling the bars compared to forge something with  OSRS gold  them. As an example, if you would like to make a rune platebody then you'll need 5 rune pubs, each costing approximately 17k. 17x5=85, so you will invest 85k making the platebody. So essentially you just lost 25k. Unless you wish to lose money, do not forge.

Did you believe forging was all that there is to Smithing? Definitely not! There's also a component named Smelting. Smelting is basically once you flip ores to pubs, and the best part is that it's hugely rewarding. As an instance to smelt a steel bar you want 1 iron and 2 coal ores. Iron=100 178 and coins = 178 coins. So to create 1 bar you'd mine 1 iron and 2 coals, in the event that you simply sold the ores you'd have gotten around 456 coins. But if you smelted them you would have gotten about 163 coins more since a steel bar is 619 coins.

Mining is most likely the most popular skill in all of Runescape

Firemaking Useless and non-profitable, in my opinion. Prayer is a VERY handy skill when it comes to combat, buy you can't actually make any money of it (actually you can even get rid of money). A personal favourite! Personally, I feel that Crafting is a fantastic skill to earn money in. The simplest way is by killing cows in Lumbridge, carrying the cowhides to the tanner in Al- Kharid, and then turning them to leather if you've got a low crafting lvl or into hard leather if you have a higher crafting lvl (28+). So basically you get an entire inventory of cowhides (28) and flip them in to leather (28 coins invested ) or leather (84 coins invested ). Then purchase a needle and thread and start crafting what you can. To get f2p (free to play) people the very best thing that you could craft with leather is a studded leather figure.

Have you ever been in a random event, gotten some kind of gem and said,"Whatever... I shall just put it in my bank and wait till I need it"? Well today is the  Cheap RS gold  time you want it because in crafting you may turn gold and gems into pieces of jewelry. To make the simplest piece of jewelry that includes a gem you will need a crafting lvl of 22. So basically to make jewelry gems you need a gold bar (produced by smelting gold ore), a mold (purchased from crafting store ), and a stone. So you would"use" the golden bar on the furnace and select which sort of jewelry you want to make. It is as simple as that!


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